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Curatorship for the covering of the Antwerp Ring Road


Curatorship for the covering of the Antwerp Ring Road

Covering the ring road of Antwerp: this is a historic opportunity. From January 2016, Alexander D’Hooghe and the ORG²-team are taking on the role of curator for this project, supported by Common Ground, Arup and Deltares. The team further consists of Marcel Smets, Henk Ovink, Louis Prompers and Maarten Van Acker. Over two years, a process will be put together with different organizations and citizens, to arrive at actual and feasible projects for covering the ring road of Antwerp. In a first phase the team is working on an ambitious vision document, ideally broadly supported by all stakeholders, politicians and citizens. Different workshops are organized to research the technical feasibility, the impact on traffic flows, security and more. One of the work themes is RESILIENCY. Today’s solutions have to respond to future challenges. We focus resolutely on capping projects that will transform the city of Antwerp into a place that is more pleasant to live, work and stay. In a second phase an international competition will be held, where multidisciplinary teams will be able to propose actual projects. A dialogue with the stakeholders will take place before any plans are drawn. The competition should lead to a set of qualitative projects, together forming an ambitious cap for the ring road.
We want to hear the voices of as many people and organizations as possible, to know their ideas and ambitions. And to know their future expectations for the ring road. A seperate website has been launched to keep you informed, and to gather your opinion: The project also has its own page on facebook.

The first phase 'Ambition Document' has been finished. You can download the whole document (in dutch) here. For more information contact us through

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